online groceries, life management, recession 

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online groceries, life management, recession

The recession is going to be a game changer for all of the technology that we have been saying will change our Life Patterns. The QSR world has been kicking grocery stores in the pants for a while but, as might be suspected, the first sign of family budget crunch spells doom for the small luxuries. Paying $300 for that driver you’ve wanted is a legitimate splurge to impress clients but spending $9.99 for the Brewtus Steak Burger at Applebees X 4 for the rest of the family just doesn’t add up to a good feeling. The world of online grocery shopping is fairly nascent but it’s growing, a simple search for “Online Groceries” returned about 82,200 results and simple search for “Online organic Groceries” returned 270 results so clearly there is room to grow. What will the next big food safety scare do to the anonymous, walk in and pick up a couple of tomatoes and a big juicy steak, mentality? Will grocery shoppers start demanding a clear trackable trail of exchange like a fed-ex shipment and if so, the web is where that trail is going to be created and with all of that safety information stored already wouldn’t the next logical step be an online shopping experience, maybe even a drive thru something like a Beer Barn or even McDonald’s, reduce customer wait and nasty erosion creating parking lots all in one fell swoop. Convenience is not the only area for opportunity either. Think of the kind of Lifestyle perspective one could have with a year long list of standard staples in your fridge, but more importantly, the real secrete splurges you make 10 or 12 times a year. Who knew that pickled pigs feet and stuffed roast tongue were a private indulgence, or maybe even a movie and a bucket of Cherry Garcia with the cutie that you’ve always seen at the bread counter but had no idea that she liked action licks and your favorite ice cream as well. Then of course you’ve got that Grandmother attendant at the self checkout lane and her Grocery Blog that tracks all the new trends in organic produce.  The zucchini she recommended last week was the tastiest ever, and it falls within the 100 mile diet as well. I get both a tax credit and a store credit for that don’t I. It’s a wide open world, that of online grocery shopping. Tell your local grocer before they get left behind, or better yet, start it for them and collect a percentage.

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