Bruce Mau Design 12 Strategies and

From Bruce Mau Design: “1. Time: consider objects as events — (How does an object—understood as an occupation of space—unfold in time?)

Quite literally, we are tracking objects over time. This is a tertiary comment on his statement but who else is tracking objects quarter by quarter relative to a list of evaluative sites. We are, but what he’s really talking about is spatial perception. He does say that space is meaning, I have a similar statement that scale is meaning but that’s a different story. “Objects as events” is essentially saying that objects have meaning over time. We say something similar that I think he will get. “We are finding Objects for Ideas rather than Ideas for Objects”. Let me interpret that. The typical advertising modus is to fixate on the object (chip, car, political position, etc.) and ideate around that. We take objects and evaluate them relative to ideas (Human Truths). So as objects change over time relative to say, “If it has a basis in nature, it just makes sense.”, then the objects in Green Echo are marking the event of how people perceive the convergence of the natural world and the objects they interact with on a daily basis. Objects are events. We group them into discernible geographies (Waves) and define what the events mean with “Human Truths”.

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